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At the heart of The Story of Movies curriculum are National Film Study Standards developed by The Film Foundation. The goal of the standards is to guide teachers and educational administrators in helping students in grades 6–8 develop literacy in moving images.
Why Develop National Film Study Standards?
National standards provide criteria that educators across the country can use to plan their film study lessons, and are designed to meet the needs of students and teachers and to ensure both the quality and consistency of instruction. They also provide a scope and sequence for that instruction
With the passage of Goals 2000: Educate America Act, the national education-reform legislation that includes development of world-class standards, the arts have been recognized by Congress for the first time as a fundamental academic subject. Film is a uniquely collaborative art form. Establishing national standards for film study provides an outline of what children should know and be able to accomplish. The standards establish a foundation for progressive study of moving images throughout middle school.