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Jeanine Basinger
Film Scholar
Wesleyan Cinema Archive

Dr. John Belton
Professor of English and Film
Rutgers University

Peter Bogdanovich

Premila Bovie-Ware
Department Chair and Instructor
Santiago High School

Dr. Susie Burroughs
Board Member
National Council of Social Studies

Raffaele Donato
Founding Executive Director
The Film Foundation

Dr. Aimee Dorr
UCLA School of Education and Information Studies

Dr. Tom Gunning
Professor of Art History
University of Chicago

Doug Herbert
Director, Arts Education
National Endowment for the Arts

Tom Karsch
Executive Vice President and General Manager
Turner Classic Movies

Marie Kellier
Film, Arts and Science Teacher
Crossroads Middle School, Los Angeles, CA

Josh Matos
Middle School Journalism & Media Studies Teacher
Miami Country Day School, Miami, FL

Scott Moore
Middle School Technology Teacher
John Simpkins School, South Yarmouth, MA

Bill Nichols
Professor, Cinema Department
San Francisco State University

Robert Rosen
UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television

Isabella Rossellini

Jeff Schick
Worldwide Director of Content Management
IBM Corporation

Susan Swaim
Executive Director
National Middle School Association